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Our  Comprehensive Speed Workout

To develop superior speed, athletes must develop superior sprinting mechanics.  In addition to these sprinting mechanics, athletes must also develop sports specific strength, power and athleticism for sprinting.

In our workout session’s, we breakdown your sprinting mechanics and develop the sport specific fast twitch muscles to generate superior strength, power and athleticism for speed (we sweat the details).

To achieve our great results, we use our patented training aid the dForce Trainer.   This unique sport specific training aid has completely revolutionized the process for developing your sprinting mechanics, strength, power, athleticism and speed.

Superior Sprinting Mechanics Develop superior arm pumping action, stride frequency & stride length mechanics

Superior Leg Strength …Maximize your lower body strength, power, speed & quickness

Explosive Take-Off  …Develop great dynamic leg strength, power & drive for explosive take-off power

Superior Speed  As competitive as athletics are today, gaining superior speed is the one thing that distinguishes great athletes in a variety of sports.  Our comprehensive speed training sessions will keep you performing at your peak speed all season long

Our dForce Trainer Speed System will  develop your maximum speed potential to elite speed levels —which leads to greater sports specific productivity.


Keys To Speed


The Components Of Speed

 ... Sprinting Breakdown,

Take Off



Maximum Acceleration

Top Speed

Finishing Speed




Core Strength

  • Abdominal, Hips, Oblique, Lower Back


Lower Body Strength Training

  • Feet, Knees, Legs, Quads, Hamstring, Hips


Sprinting Mechanics Drills

  • Arm Pump, Stride Length, Stride Frequency, Feet Action, Transition


Speed Drills

  • Take-Off, Drive, Transition, Acceleration, Top Speed, Maximum Acceleration, Sprints