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Welcome to ET Training Systems, home of the dForce Trainer training aids.  Our products are use for developing high performance sports-specific muscles.

... We transform the ordinary athlete into the extraordinary athlete, ... the extraordinary athlete into the elite athlete, and ... the elite athlete into the best they can be.

ET Training Systems was founded as a research & development corporation to develop, design, manufacture and sell sports training aid products.  Our company goal is to be the foremost authority on sports training aid devices in the world.  Our products are designed for home use, travelers, professionals and amateurs of all skill levels.

Company Direction 

Our VISION is to create innovative, practical and top-quality products that save time and improve the way the world trains for sporting athleticism.

  • to create a company image as the foremost authority on sports training aids in the world.
  • to create a company image as the alternative to steroids for high performance muscle development for sports training.
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Our mission is to recognize and exceed the expectations of our customers as the foremost authority on sports training aids in the world by providing the highest level of quality and service.  We will seek continuous improvement in everything we do.

Our success will be measured by our positive contributions to our customers, employees, shareholders, communities, and by our recognition as a leading supplier of quality sports and rehabilitation products.

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Our Product  

The dForceTrainer, is the ultimate sports training aid product that has completely revolutionize the process of developing high performance sport specific fast twitch muscle fibers and athleticism for a variety of sports.

The dForce Trainer is a versatile training aid that allow you to emulate your sport specific mechanics against dynamic directional resistance to develop the fast twitch muscles fibers for your sport specific movements.



Sport-Specific Products Currently On the Market

  • Baseball ... pitching & batting ... The Alternative to Steroids

  • Basketball ... quickness, jumping & shooting ...

  • Football ... throwing power & accuracy, speed & quickness

  • Golf ...  balance, accuracy, repeatability, and power

  • Track & Fields ... speed (stride frequency & stride length), jumping, rotational power, endurance

  • Volleyball ... power spiking, serving, quickness & jumping


Other Products Currently On the Market

  • Core Strength ... core strength, quickness, speed, leaping and power capabilities is all interconnected. 

  • Jumping ... explosive power for vertical & horizontal jumping

  • Running ... explosive power for speed & acceleration, and endurance 

  • Quickness ... it all about the feet and lower leg muscles

The dForce Trainer exercise programs builds great posture & balance, timing & tempo, rhythm & control, range of motion & flexibility, superb hand to eye coordination, superior core strength, dynamic body rotation, explosive jumping, speed and  quickness for every sports.

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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

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Sports Medicine

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