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Our  Comprehensive Pitching & Throwing Workout

To develop superior pitching skills, pitchers must develop superior pitching mechanics and sports specific strength, power and athleticism for pitching.

In our workout session’s, we breakdown your pitching mechanics (the process or sequence) and develop the sport specific fast twitch muscles to generate superior strength, power and athleticism for pitching (we sweat the details).

To achieve our great results, we use our patented training aid the dForce Trainer.   This unique sport specific training aid has completely revolutionized the process for developing the pitching mechanics, strength, power and athleticism for the game of baseball.

Instantaneous Pitching Speed …Increase your Pitching speed …Guarantee

Superior Pitching Power …Maximize your pitching & throwing mechanics fast twitch muscles power

Explosive Power Pitch & Throw the ball faster, harder and farther

Superior Pitching ControlGain better pitching and throwing control & accuracy

Upper Body Power …Develop great power and speed for your upper body whip & shoulder rotation

Fast Twitch Muscle …Increase arms, hands and wrist rotation strength & speed

Superior Pitching Confidences …Develop a repeatable & reliable throwing arm so you can perform at your peak arm strength power & speed all season long ... And, have greater confidence on the mound

Our dForce Trainer Pitching System will help you develop a consistent throwing motion by strengthening and improving your sports-specific pitching & throwing mechanics  —which leads to  more strikeouts and greater confidence on the mound.


Keys To Pitching Athleticism


Pitching Mechanic Workout

 ... Arm Strength,

 ... Upper Body Rotation,

 ... Separation,

 ... Upper Body Whip & Rotation (Transition),

 ... Wrist Snap,

 ... Follow-Through,


Arm Strength Drills

  • Develop Superior Arm Strength & Acceleration


Upper To Lower Body Separation

  • Upper body Whip & Rotational Power & Speed Development Drills


Core Drills

  • Strength & Power of the Abs, Oblique & Lower Back


Step Back Drill

  • Arm Strength, Control & Accuracy


Pitching Drill

  • Control & Accuracy