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Our  Comprehensive Golf Workout

To develop a superior golf swing, golfers must develop superior golf swing mechanics and sports specific strength, power and athleticism for their golf swing.

In our workout session’s, we breakdown your swing mechanics (the sequence) and develop the sport specific fast twitch muscles to generate superior strength, power and athleticism for your golf swing (we sweat the details).

To achieve our great results, we use our patented training aid the dForce Trainer.   This unique sport specific training aid has completely revolutionized the process for developing your swing mechanics, strength, power and athleticism.

Club-head Speed …Increase your club-head speed

Superior Power at IMPACT …Maximize your IMPACT  power and acceleration

Lower Body Rotation …Develop great power and speed for your leg drive & hip rotation

Upper Body Rotation …Develop great power and speed for your shoulder rotation

Fast Twitch Muscle …Increase arms, hands and wrist rotation strength & speed

Superior Ball Striking …Develop your complete Golf Swing so you can perform at your peak power & accuracy all season long

Our dForce Trainer Golf  System will  develop a consistent golf swing by strengthening and improving your posture, developing great balance, timing, tempo, rhythm,  repeatability, reliability, control and power—which leads to lower scores.


Keys to the Golf Swing


Golf Swing Sequence

 ... Address,

 ... Take-Away,

 ... Top Of Backswing,

 ... Weight Shift,

 ... Leg Drive,

 ... Upper Body Rotation into IMPACT,

 ... Upper Body Rotation to Follow-Through

 ... Top Of Finish,

 ... Finish



Swing Mechanics Drills

  • Backswing Zone, Impact Zone, Finish Zone, Full Swing


Lower Body Drive

  • Lead Leg Drive


Upper-Lower Body Separation

  • Upper to Lower Body Separation


Lower Body Drive & Upper Body Rotation

  • Lower Body Drive Transition to Upper Body Rotation


Lead Arm Drill

  • Strength & Control


Power Arm Drill

  • Strength & Power