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Our  Comprehensive Workout for Offense Basketball skills

To develop superior basketball offense skills, players must develop superior Jumping, Shooting & Dribbling mechanics.  In addition to these skill sets, players must also develop sports specific strength, power and athleticism for these offense skills.

In our workout session’s, we breakdown your Jumping, Shooting & Dribbling mechanics and develop the sport specific fast twitch muscles to generate superior strength, power and athleticism for your basketball skills (we sweat the details).

To achieve our great results, we use our patented training aid the dForce Trainer.   This unique sport specific training aid has completely revolutionized the process for developing the Vertical Jump, Shooting & Dribbling mechanics, strength, power and athleticism.

Superior Shooting Accuracy Develop superior shooting posture, great timing, tempo, rhythm, consistency, reliability, repeatability, control, range and shooting touch

Superior Ball Handling …Maximize your ball handling control & speed

Explosive Power for the Vertical Jump …Develop great dynamic leg strength, power & vertical lift for the vertical jump

Superior Basketball Skills Gain superior offenses athleticism for the sport of basketball so you can perform at your peak playing ability all season long

Our dForce Trainer Basketball System will help you develop the jumping, shooting & dribbling skills needed to  be a better offenses basketball player —which leads to greater scoring productivity.


Keys To Scoring


The Mechanics Of Basketball

 ... Vertical Jump,

Take Off

Leg Drive

Leg Speed

Vertical Lift

Arm Thrust

The Vertical Jump


 ... Shooting Mechanics,


Triple Threat

Shooting Pocket

Leg Drive

Arm Extension

Wrist Snap (Release)


 ... Dribbling Mechanics,



Criss Cross ...front

Criss Cross ...between your legs

Criss Cross ...behind your back


 & around your back



Jumping Drills

  • Develop Sport Specific Strength, Power, & Athleticism for the Vertical Jump Take-Off, Leg Drive, Leg Speed & Lift


Shooting Drills

  • Develop Sport Specific Strength, Power & Athleticism for Lay-ups, Set Shot (catch & shoot), Stop & Pop (jump shot) & Free Throws


Dribbling Drills

  • Develop Sport Specific Strength, Power & Athleticism of the Fingers, hands, wrists & arms for dribbling