NCAA Compliances


Why?  These are rules and regulations by the NCAA.  

Due to the Success of this Athlete making a division I basketball program (NCAA), we have been requested by him, so he will be in compliances with the NCAA, to remove all of his videos, pictures and animations, until his college career is completed.  We will honor his request.  Therefore, we apologize to any of our customers who were using these videos, pictures or animation as a guide or an illustration for doing these exercises. 

However, those systems are still available for sale, and they do come with an instructional manual.  We are in the process of reproducing these videos or similar such videos to replace them.

The following Videos, Pictures or Animation has been removed and will be replaced once the new ones are completed.

All Of Basketball Demos

Football Demos will be Modified For QB uses only

All Of Hockey Demos (differently athlete, made for Track & Field)

All Of Speed Demos

All Of the Vertical Jumping Demos

All Of Track & Field Demos

All of Volleyball Demos



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