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Mini Batting System



Mini Batting System ...Develop the fast twitch muscles for rotational power & bat speed


Bat Size: 

Using the dForce Trainer for 15 to 30 minutes a day, three to four times a week will increase your power, speed, strength, and agility.

...develop incredible Bat Speed & Power...

...The Natural Alternative To Steroids

How it works ... Step-by-Step
Shoulder High Connection ...Hands Quickness to Impact
Waist High Connection ...Maximizing Torque and Acceleration for Impact
Knee High Connection...Synchronizes the Power of the legs with the Torque of the arms, torso & bat
Batting System  ... Components



(1) Bat



(1) Medium Bands

(1) Heavy Band



The Mini Batting System

Our Mini Batting System trains batters to use their bigger, stronger muscles to fire the smaller fast twitch muscles of the arms, wrists and hands at impact, which produce a more powerful and consistent swing at the point of contact.  With regular use of our Mini batting system, the hitter is learning and ingraining a more powerful, faster, quicker and more consistent baseball or softball swing.

Our program is appropriate for any level of athletic experience because of the nature of resistance training: Beginner, Youth, High School, College, Professional, Male and female athletes.


Resistance band training forces the muscles to respond and react to your swing sequence, thus, drive the development of sport specific muscle power for your batting swing mechanics.  This is known as dynamic directional resistance training and is the fast and most effective way to improve your batting swing mechanics.

Batting Advantages: Increase your batting speed, Maximize your batting power, Hit the ball harder and farther, Increase hand speed to impact.

How Do I Use The dForce Trainer Batting System?

Our Mini Batting System is designed to be used indoors as well as outdoors and in conjunction with other training equipment.  The Mini Batting System allows players to take batting practice almost anywhere or at any time in the world. 


Our primary workouts develops 3 of the most important components during your swing mechanics process.

i.        Our Shoulder High Connection drill improves the synchronization and coordination for getting the hands quicker to impact.

ii.        Our Waist High Connection drill develops torque created by motion and leverage of the arms, torso and bat.  This torque accelerates the bat into the ball.

iii.        Our Knee High Connection drill synchronizes the driving power of the legs with the torque created by the motion and leverage of the arms, torso and bat.  This dynamic athleticism creates great power and bat speed at impact.


The dForce Trainer Mini Batting System can be used when:
      1.   On deck
      2.   Doing soft-toss or front-toss
      3.   Doing tee work
      4.   Dry swinging indoors or Outdoors.


... We transform the ordinary athlete into the extraordinary athlete... the extraordinary athlete into the elite athlete, and... the elite athlete into the best they can be…



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